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Expressive Art

Expressive Art Sessions are a great way to learn a little more about art while expressing yourself freely.  Expressive Art sessions are wonderful for anyone who wants to go beyond Mandalas and learn more about art. Indeed, you may find that you have some hidden talents as you dig a little deeper. In these sessions, you aren't confined to just creating or coloring mandalas, but exploring art in other ways. You can learn new techniques, while experiencing all the benefits of the creative process. In addition to Mandala and Expressive Art Sessions, we also offer some formal art training. 

If you want a more formal approach, check out one of our figurative portrait workshops, 

Figurative Portrait Workshops

-Learn how to draw and paint portraits

-Learn new techniques

-Open to all levels

-Sessions include canvas, paint, and lunch. 

Call (334) 269-4567 to schedule a session


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