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Foad's Family Blends 

Organic Teas

Our fine organic teas will relax and revitalize the body.  All of our teas are organically grown and blended. 

Sima Blend

(Cinnamon, Cardamom, and Black Tea)

Cardamom, Cinnamon, and Black Tea combine in this relaxing and revitalizing blend Cardamom is an anti-inflammatory that freshens breath and soothes digestion. Cinnamon boosts the immune system, reduces blood sugar, and lowers cholesterol. 

Elahe Blend

(Green Tea and Ginger)

Energizing Green Tea and Ginger combine in this soothing and energizing blend. Ginger soothes digestion, reduces inflammation, and increases energy. Green tea boosts energy level, is a powerful anti-oxidant, increases circulation and even helps you lose weight. Pick up a cup of this wonderful blend today. 

Nadia Blend (Aromatic Jasmine, Cardomam, and Black Tea)

Aromatic Jasmine, Black Tea, and Cardamom combine in this revitalizing blend. Cardamom reduces inflammation while freshening breath and soothing digestion. Jasmine boosts the immune system, protects the heart and has even been shown to help you lose weight. 

Sohala Blend (Persian Rose, Cardamom, Black Tea)

Revitalizing Rose and Cardamom combine in this rejuvenating blend. Roses are more that just beautiful, sweet smelling flowers. Rose is high in vitamin C and anti-oxidants, soothes tight muscles, and can help you lose weight. Cardamom freshens breath, calms the body, and builds up skin and nails. This wonderful blend will make you feel great inside and out. 

Mahnez Blend (Turmeric, Cardamom, and Black Tea) 

Turmeric and Cardamom combine in this relaxing tea. Cardamom freshens, and relaxes the body while Tumeric reduces inflammation and pain. The combination is a worderful, soothing tea blend.

Akram (Chrysanthemum and Lemongrass)

Sweet Chrysanthemum, fragrant lemongrass, and Cardamom combine is this revitalzing tea. Chrysantemem relaxes the nervous system, lowers the blood pressure, and supports bone health. Lemongrass helps lower cholesterol, blood sugar, and reduces inflammation. 

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