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Hypnosis Therapy with Mollie Isaacson

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural trance-like state that you experience daily when you are totally absorbed in something like reading, watching television, or playing games. Hypnosis allows your conscious mind to connect with your subconscious so that you can make positive and lasting changes in your life. 

We all have habits we want to break and goals we want to accomplish. Sometimes, in life, we get stuck, We just don't get around to doing what we need to to do to accomplish that goal, or we fall into bad habits. Hypnosis can help retrain the brain so that we break these habits and accomplish that goal. 

Hypnosis facts:

- All of your senses are awake and alert during a session.

-You are in complete control or your actions during a hypnotherapy session.

-You can't do anything under hypnosis that you wouldn't normally do.

-Hypnosis allows you conscious mind to connect with your subconsciousness to make lasting changes in your life. 

Your subconscious mind makes up about ninety percent of your mental powers and contains every experience you have had in life. 

- Hypnosis allows you to tap into this power, connecting you with your subconscious mind to make lasting changes in your life. 

Hypnosis is ideal for:

-Smoking cessation

-Weight loss

-Improving your sports game

-Anyone struggling with fears or phobias

-Fertility problems

-Chronic pain and fibromyalgia

-Social anxiety



-Improving concentration




  Dr. Mollie Isaacson


Mollie Isaacson is a licensed psychotherapist, certified hypnotherapist, expressive arts therapist, yoga instructor, and social worker. She has twenty-five years clinical and health related experience in helping people to change their lives in a positive way. She is delighted to bring her skills to Mind and Body. 

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