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March News

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

March is the perfect time to start getting into shape. Mollie Isaacson will be offering Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Hypnosis is actually a natural trance like state that you experience when you are totally absorbed in sometime like reading a book or watching TV. Hypnosis therapy allows you to tap into this state so that your conscious and subconscious mind can connect to make lasting changes. In this case, retraining the brain on how to think about food and eating. This simply helps you make healthier choices.

Since these sessions are focusing on weight loss, we will also talk about Healthy Eating. In fact, you will learn how to eat well for your body type.

-Learn how to eat for your body type

-Learn about the 20 most weight-loss friendly foods in the world

-Learn how gentle hypnosis can help curb cravings

-Learn how art therapy can help in body transformation

Join us beginning on March 9. Check out our facebook page or respond for information.

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