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Springing Forward

Spring is here, and with it comes our first blog post.

This short exercise will help you clear your head and get into the feeling of spring- the season of rebirth and renewal!

Time to Lighten Up!

Spring is coming. It's time to lighten up our mood, to expand our senses and enjoy the natural world again. Time to think about going to the beach or to our cabin. Our winters here in Alabama aren't severe, but spring time brings about a new cycle of vegetative life, new birds from South America, and baby animals.

Let's unroll our yoga mat and get out our sketch book and pastels or colored pencils.

Stand Yoga Mountain Pose (Tadasana ) for 5-10 minutes:

1. You are standing tall like a mountain with your feet should distance apart and your head, chest and shoulders are erect.

2. Your back is straight, and you lower back and pelvis are locked and held firmly.

3. Your hands fall softly to your sides, palms open.

4. As you inhale and exhale slowly through your nose, you imagine that you are a mountain in the woods. Spring is coming. The snow packed in your crevasses all winter is now melting and starting to run down your slopes. Birds are nesting in your trees and animals are living in your caves, old tree trunks and burrows.

5. Become aware of the feelings in our body. Take a few minutes. How to you feel?

6. Pick up your sketchbook and your art medium and start drawing the image of that feeling as quickly as you can in less than 5 minutes. Be spontaneous, carefree, bold, and even audacious. Chose your colors without thinking. Avoid thinking about meaning or technique, just go with the flow. Now stop. Do not rework or go over anything.

7. Put the drawing away in a drawer for at least 15 minutes. Then take the drawing out and look at it from all directions.

8. Quickly write down your thoughts and feelings for no more that 15 minutes.

Be spontaneous, carefree, and bold. When you finish, read it out loud to yourself and think about, pray or meditate on it.

Feel free to post your comments here. We would love to hear your feedback and ideas.

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